The Best Men's Winter Boots & Hiking Boots 2022

Winter is truly here now, and that means it's time to invest in a good pair of men's winter boots and hiking boots. Perhaps you are an adventurer and explorer looking for the best winter boots and hiking boots to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable while you are out and about in the cold. Or maybe you are just looking for a sturdy and stylish pair of shoes to wear around town as the temperatures drop. When you are looking for the best men's winter boots and hiking boots, you have to keep in mind what kind of terrain you are likely to be tackling. If you're dealing with wet and muddy ground, a waterproof boot is essential; whereas, if you'll be mainly sticking to city streets in mostly winter-dry conditions, a lightweight Chelsea Boot or a stylish Work Boot may suffice.

Here is a list of our favorite men's winter boots and hiking boots for 2022.

The best men's winter boots for cold days

Chelsea boots are a fashion-forward option for the winter months. The super stylish Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men's Peyton Boots will be your go-to boots if you spend most of your time in the city. Create a classy look and pair them with jeans and a black coat or go for a rocker-chic style with a suede jacket and ripped jeans. With their comfy insole and lightweight design, you won't have to worry about aching feet on cold days.

Chelsea boots



For those men who are after a classic winter boot, the Nevados Men's Work Boots Cross Street are an excellent choice. When you think of the workboot style, this is what comes to mind. The comfortable lining will keep you warm, and the slip-resistant sole will ensure you don't slip on icy pavements.

Nevados Cross Street



If you love going for hikes or nature walks, then winter hiking boots are a must. Of course, hiking boots can also be worn in 'normal' every-day life, like when you go to the supermarket or the post office. Men's winter hiking boots are especially a great option if you live in snowy areas, where it is important to own a solid companion for your feet.

The Khombu Men's Hiking Shoes Windrip have a comfy, padded collar that will give your ankle extra support on uneven terrain. The lightweight design makes them easy to wear for long periods of time!

Windrip Hiking Boots

Another men's winter hiking boot option are the Nevados Men's Hiking Boots Vinny, which feature a mid-sole that adapts to the shape of your feet and a outsole that provides traction in slippery conditions. Again, winter boots like this are especially good for icy or wet days.

Vinny Hiking Boot

Finally, the Khombu Men's Hiking Boots Jared with stylish faux-leather uppers, won't disappoint keen hikers. With their water-resistant exterior and slip-resistant sole, your feet will stay dry and warm from head to toe even on longer hikes.

Khombu Hiking Boot Jared

Still unsure? Think about where you live and the type of winter you are most likely going to experience; this should help you decide which type of boot will best serve your needs! Bear in mind that hiking boots are probably the warmest Men's Winter Boots, as they are designed for outdoor adventures, but Chelsea boots and workboots can also give you the protection and comfort you need.

How to wear men's winter boots

This is quite a difficult question to answer, as there are so many outfit options and styles, and everyone has their own fashion sense and preferences. Generally speaking, the most popular way to wear men's winter boots with jeans is to pair them together with a warm black or brown wool coat or a winter-suitable jacket. Don't forget about a padded leather jacket for a more casual but still stylish look. Workboots look best when paired with heavy-duty denim, while Chelsea Boots are more suited to smarter casual looks. Hiking boots look great when paired with a sweater, a waterproof jacket, and insulated trousers, but of course you can also wear them with jeans.

We hope this article has been helpful in helping you find the perfect pair of men's winter boots.