Children's Boots

The perfect Children’s Boots

Ready, steady, go… Let your little one play in the snow with a new, shiny pair of children’s boots! Waterproof and durable; these are the most important keywords when it comes to children’s boots, as they have to last through many adventures. And, of course, they also need to be comfortable! Often this is ensured by a sturdy sole, a soft lining, and an exterior made of breathable and practical materials. If your children love adventures in the snow, rain, or mud, then a high-quality pair of children’s boots will be a fantastic investment. Children’s boots come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Whether boots in pink, blue or bright orange, we've got such a fantastic selection of children’s boots that there is surely a perfect pair for everyone.

The Beginnings of Children’s Boots

Before mass production, poor families simply couldn’t afford to buy their children new boots. It was completely normal to walk around barefoot. Then, in the 1930s, things changed a little bit, as wooden-soled, leather clogs became popular. They were sturdy and much more durable than "normal" boots. During the Second World War, it became known that properly fitted children’s boots and shoes were extremely important for the healthy development of their feet. Of course, shoe manufacturers picked up on this new trend quickly.

A Guide to Buying Children’s Boots

Kids’ feet are extremely delicate, which is why poorly fitted boots can have a negative effect on their foot development. So, how do you choose the perfect children’s boot? In terms of size, it is important that your child’s new boots are not too tight and not too loose. The sole should have the shape of a child’s foot; this sounds simple, but it is often an overlooked factor. Remember: children’s boots are not simply smaller-sized adult boots! Proper traction on the bottom of the children’s boots will support your child’s every step. Kids' boots with zips or rip-tape buckles allow kids to put on and take off their boots easily. Of course, older kids can easily use shoelaces. However, choosing boots with too many zips and buckles is also not a good idea; keep it simple! For example, for little ones, slip-on boots are extremely popular.

Breathable linings, made of a soft material are also important when it comes to children’s boots! These types of shoe materials will ensure that moisture can escape; your children’s feet will stay dry and healthy! Water resistant footwear, especially when it comes to children’s snow boots and winter boots, protects against the elements. Have you already seen our fantastic snow boots for children? They come in many different designs and colours and are ideal for wintery weather conditions!

Tips for letting your child pick their new boots:

Of course, your child wants to have a say when it comes to choosing their new footwear! Just make sure to explain to them what the purpose of their new boots is going to be; if you want to play in the snow, you need snow boots, so you won’t get cold feet. If you want to play in the garden after heavy rain, then you will need waterproof boots, so your feet won’t get wet! Because who wants to have wet feet?

Now it’s time to browse our fantastic range of fashionable and durable children’s boots for every season! You won’t regret it!

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