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Izod's beginnings in the West End

The first Izod store was opened in London's West End in 1922. The Prince of Wales even commissioned talented tailor Arthur James 'Jack' Izod to make shirts for him. In those days, a gentleman's wardrobe just wasn't complete without an Izod shirt!

Izod's American Debut

Izod was later bought by the American clothing company David Crystal. Then, in 1937, the brand was launched in the United States. Izod even teamed up with Lacoste in 1993 to create a line of Izod Lacoste clothing. For over 100 years, Izod has been dressing people in quality, stylish shirts and shoes. From its humble beginnings in London, to being worn by royalty and celebrities, Izod has come a long way. Today, the company is known for its quality footwear, casual clothing, and sportswear. Izod's shoes are incredibly popular, with many different styles to choose from.

Quality Izod Footwear

Izod sandals such as Izod Amber or the classic Izod slide sandals have a perfect fit and are made with quality materials. The Amber sandals have a exceptionally comfortable memory foam footbed and a traction control outsole. Casual loafers, such as Izod Jacoble for men and the modern sneakers Izod Ira for women, are versatile enough to wear with jeans or shorts. The sneakers Izod Flyaway are perfect for the gym or running errands as the mesh upper is breathable, and the flexible outsole provides traction. Ankle boots like Izod Jaxson and Izod Inwood are a great addition to any cold weather wardrobe. All Izod boots and shoes have a comfortable and supportive fit. 

Izod footwear is known for its quality craftsmanship and comfort. The shoes are also stylish and come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any taste. Browse our selection of Izod shoes today and find the perfect pair for you.