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The story of Totes

Totes came into being in 1924 in a tiny town in Ohio, most likely on a rainy day. A love for rain has prevailed in this company that specialises in keeping the water out of your shoes (and clothes). For many decades, Totes has been developing products, from unique boots and shoes to raincoats and umbrellas, to ensure that you stay warm and dry outside, no matter the weather. Today, they offer a wide range of durable and stylish boots and shoes for women, kids, and men.

What makes a good waterproof boot? Totes' waterproof boots are incredibly water resistant, and therefore, all Totes' boots, whether they are designed for fall, winter, summer, or spring, will keep out slush, rain, and snow. They are easy to put on, and, above all, they are all comfortably warm. 

All-day water resistance for your feet!

Totes' boots are the ideal choice for rainy, grey days! Is it getting really cold? No problem! The Cheryl waterproof winter boots are not only super stylish, but also incredibly comfortable. You won't want to take these winter boots off anymore. Totes boots can be worn all day, whether you're going shopping or taking a long walk in a snowy forest; your feet will be warm and protected from the elements. Totes Tommy boots for men have a modern and neutral design that will complement any outfit. This calf-high boot will keep the moisture out, and the thick rubber sole will support every step. Stylish boots such as Totes Circle, available in beige and black, as well as Totes Bradley and Action Snow Boots for kids, all have one thing in common: they are sturdy, waterproof and comfortable. Explore the awesome Totes range of different boots and shoes for women, men, and kids and find your perfect waterproof boot for rainy days and snowy winters!