Children's Shoes

Finding fantastic Children’s Shoes

Picking the right children’s shoes isn’t an easy task! There are numerous styles and designs to choose from, and your children will have their own preferences and ideas about the ideal shoe. Brilliant Shops offers only high-quality children’s shoes that are on-trend. The best way to find the right new pair is to explore our vast selection.

Of course, children’s shoes also have a long history. Some of the earliest found exemplars were made of fur to keep kids' feet warm and cosy. Leather shoes were the next step up. Did you know that extremely poor families had to cut open their kids' shoes at the front as they couldn’t afford a new pair? Back then, children’s shoes weren’t as comfortable and stylish as they are today. Mediaeval artefacts found in London showed that children’s shoes were slightly different from adult shoes. Instead of being a fashion statement, children’s shoes were constructed in a way that ensured that they were more practical. Nowadays, design and practicality are equally important.

Sun, snow, or rain? We’ve got the perfect kid’s shoes!

Versatile children’s shoes are an absolute must-have! Some children’s shoes can be worn all year round, until your kids grow out of them. The ideal children’s shoe has a supportive, strong sole that withstands all sorts of hits. Kids' shoes should be seen as an additional protective layer that ensures that, even when accidents happen, the feet of your little ones are safe!

A gripping sole is another element that your children’s shoes should have. Kids love running around, even on slippery surfaces. A supportive sole ensures, that your child doesn’t slip! Of course, breathable materials such as cotton or leather are also the best materials for children’s shoes. Active kids get sweaty feet easily, which is why it is incredibly important that your children’s feet can breathe. Natural fabrics and materials will ensure that your children's feet won’t feel uncomfortable and stay dry. Take a look at the Tretorn Kids Leopard Sneakers for some inspiration! Modern children’s duck boots have an extremely comfortable interior, and they are as waterproof as it gets. Another advantage of children’s duck boots; you won’t have to stop your kids from their next puddle jumping adventure!

Comfort is, of course, a big factor when it comes to children’s shoes. Your kids’ shoes shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. They should be just right! That’s not the easiest thing to determine, but a good way to find the perfect fit is to measure your children’s feet. Boots, such as snow boots, also shouldn’t be too tight around the calves. Children’s snow boots like Totes Kids' Snowboots Action Pink or the Weatherproof Snowboots are the perfect pick if you live in a cold, snowy climate. Even the deepest snow won’t stop your kids with a new pair of snow boots. You will have a perfectly built snowman in your garden in no time. Snow boots, just like duck boots, are extremely waterproof. They often also feature a faux-fur lining, which will ensure that your little one won’t get icy toes. 

Brilliant Shops has got the right pair!

Children’s shoes are not an easy buy; that's why you should shop at Brilliant Shops. We’ve got an amazing selection of high-quality children’s shoes for any occasion. Whether you are looking for boots for snowy winter adventures or trendy trainers for school, you and your little one will find the perfect pair at Brilliant Shops.

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