Women's Sandals

Women’s Sandals for Sunny Days

Free your toes with a pair of comfortable, cool women’s sandals. Nothing is better on a hot summer’s day than feeling the marvellous warm air around your feet. With sturdy sandals like the Tretorn Summer Sandals, you will be able to walk for miles and miles on the beach and through town. With a pair of trendy sandals, you'll also eliminate another issue: sweaty feet!

Where do sandals come from?

The origin of sandals, as we know them, is quite an interesting matter. Sandals have a very, incredibly long history. Ever heard of Roman sandals? Roman sandals looked slightly different from our go-to sandals today; the concept, however, is the same. On hot summer days, not only your upper body but also your feet require air! Sandals give your feet a little bit more freedom. Did you know that in ancient Rome, it was extremely popular to carve your boots and sandals with different patterns? But it wasn’t the Romans that enjoyed some of the first ever sandals as glorious and fashionable footwear. The Greeks and even the Egyptians were also sandal enthusiasts, which, of course, is completely understandable because of their country’s hot climates. Egyptian sandals were made of palm tree leaves and papyrus; perhaps, one day, somebody is going to revive the use of these materials?

What makes good women’s sandals?

Of course, the design of your women’s sandals is super important. What style statement do you want to make? If you are going for a more casual look, then you might like sturdy sandals. With these types of sandals for adventurers, you can even go on a hike. You won’t get sore and swollen feet as they will stay well-aired. A strong sole will additionally support your every step. Just remember: your sandals shouldn’t sit too tightly on your feet; make sure that there is enough room for your toes to expand.

Besides comfortable and functional sandals for adventurists, there are also comfortable and trendy options for fashion enthusiasts. How about a stylish pair for your next trip to the shopping mall? With a pair of fashionable sandals, you will add an extra bit of style to literally any outfit. Combine fashion sandals with a stylish pair of jeans or a dress; the possibilities are endless! The best women’s sandals are versatile, stylish and durable! Think about the purposes of your sandals: would you like a new pair for your next night-out with your friends or a fancy garden party, or would you like to explore our range of robust traveller’s sandals that can be worn on your next hike through the forest or beach walk? It all depends on what style you are after. Some of our sandals are even waterproof; a puddle walk or a hike in the rain definitely won’t harm them.

One thing is certain, though; with a pair of women’s sandals, you will add an absolute must-have to your shoe collection; sandals complete every outfit. Here at Brilliant Shops, we only stock branded, high-quality sandals for any occasion.

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