The 5 Best Hiking Boots for Women 2022

If you are one of those adventurous women who love to explore the outdoors and take on any terrain, you will need a good pair of hiking boots. Not all hiking boots are made the same, however. To ensure that your outdoor adventures are both successful and enjoyable, you must find hiking boots that are most suited for you. For short distance hikes, snow boots or trail shoes can do the trick. But for longer hikes, a good pair of hiking boots is more suitable.

Before you buy....

There are a couple of things that you should think about before you purchase your next pair of women's hiking boots. Firstly, you should consider the type of terrain you will be covering. Different terrains require different levels of support and protection, so make sure you get a pair that is suitable for your needs. Additionally, consider the climate in which you are hiking. Depending on the temperature, it’s always better to opt for breathable and waterproof materials. Snow boots are also excellent hiking boots for short hikes in cold weather.

We've compiled a list of what we believe are some of the best hiking boots for women in 2022

Get ready for your next adventure

1. Totes Women's Snow Boots Jami-To Black

Totes Jamie-To Snow Boots for Women

 Let's start with a pair of solid Snow Boots that will last you through the cold and snowy winter months. The Totes Women's Snow Boots Jami-To in black are an amazing option for those beautiful hikes in the snow. They come in a gorgeous silver shade that is super popular at the moment! The waterproof rubber sole will keep the elements off your feet, and the faux fur lining adds a classy touch to your look. They are incredibly cosy! Of course, they are not what is generally defined as hiking boots, but they do the trick, especially if you don't plan on hiking in rocky terrain or mud.

2. Totes Women's Snow Boots Rogan White


Rogan Snow Boots

Super stylish are the white Totes Women's Snow Boots Rogan. They have a warm faux-fur lining, a waterproof rubber sole with a no-slip grip, and breathable uppers. Plus, the side zippers make it super easy to put them on and take them off. That means you won't get sweaty feet in these lovely boots, which can also be used as short-distance snow hiking boots.

3. Eddie Bauer Women's Hiking Shoes Canyon

Canyon Hiking Shoe

Eddie Bauer certainly makes fantastic women's hiking boots! The Canyon Hikers are no exception. If you are not a big fan of big hiking boots, then you will love these lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant hikers. Traveling has never been easier with these! They are so lightweight, you can simply pack them away in your suitcase.

4. Khombu Women's Boots Nina Black

Nina Hiking Boots

 If you live in snowy areas, you will know that Snow Boots can easily substitute hiking boots. The fantastic Khombu Women's Snow Boots Nina are the perfect companion for your winter hikes. They will keep your feet warm and dry with their leather uppers and a sturdy sole. The cute fur trim is also a great addition that adds some character to the boots!

5. Klamath Falls Hiking Boots

Klamath Hiking Boots        
The Klamath Falls Hiking Boots are classic hiking shoes! Their lace-up design, breathable and water-resistant uppers, and cushioned collar make them a great option for very active hikers. Their rugged TPR outsole will keep you steady on your feet. They also look fantastic and come in taupe with purple or red.

Make sure to check out these 5 great options! Each women's hiking boot offers something special that will make your outdoor experience more enjoyable and successful. Happy hiking!