6 Types of Shoes That You Need in Your Closet

If you want to be prepared for any occasion, it is essential to have a variety of shoes in your closet. A smart-casual boot, a spare-time sneaker, and a hard-wearing sandal are all essential pieces for any wardrobe. If you are unsure about what you need to be prepared for any event, then the following list will help you out.

Shoe types that you can't go without

  1. Slippers
    Hurley Slipper

You simply must have a pair of comfy slippers. Whether you want to slip them on after a long day at work or just lounge around your house in comfort and style, slippers are essential. They also make your life at home much more comfortable. Warm women's slippers like the Hurley Women's Slipper Kate have a soft faux fur lining that ensures toasty feet, even when it's bitterly cold outside. The Hurley Kate slippers are also super stylish and are available in different colors! For men, we recommend slippers such as the Eddie Bauer Men's Slippers Fremont. Their classic slipper design is timeless, and they also feature a rubber sole for added comfort and support. Slippers are a must-have in every shoe collection!

  1. Sneakers
Nylite Tretorn

Sneakers are one of the most versatile pieces of footwear in your closet. From running errands, to a night out with friends, sneakers are super easy to wear, incredibly comfortable and they fit pretty much to any outfit. Go for sporty sneakers like the Tretorn Women's Sneakers Rawlins 2.0 or the Tretorn Men's Sneakers Jeremy, if you are looking for a classic look, get yourself a pair of vintage-style sneakers, like Tretorn's Nylite range, which is available in many different colors. With a pair of sneakers, you will be ready for the day ahead, from morning until night.

  1. Hiking Boots
Hiking Boots

A good Hiking Boot, such as a pair of Eddie Bauer Women's Klamath Falls Hikers or the Khombu Men's Hiking Boots Windrip for men, is essential for any outdoor adventure. Whether you're taking a hike in the mountains or you are just walking to work on a rainy day, your feet will thank you for the superior comfort and protection provided by high-quality hiking boots. Even if you just like to go for long walks with your dog, a good pair of hiking shoes or boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Say goodbye to blisters with a solid pair of boots!

For colder and wetter climates...

  1. Fall and Winter Boots
Khombu Jessica Boots

Do you live in a cold, snowy, or rainy place? Then boots are a must-have! When the temperatures drop, you can keep your feet warm and dry with a pair of Khombu Women's Boots Jessica or a stylish Chelsea Boot for men, like the Kenneth Cole Unlisted Peyton. Winter boots are not just for looks: they provide insulation and water resistance that you can't get from other shoes. So, don’t forget to grab a pair of boots before the cold weather gets worse!

  1. Duck Boots
Men's Duck Boots

Did you know that duck boots have been around for over a hundred years? If you live in a rainy place, a pair of duck boots will inspire you to go outside more often. Go for a stylish pair like the Sporto Women's Rubber Boots Becky, the Tretorn Rubber Chelsea Boots or the Totes Men's Duck Boots Mike-To in a classic brown-black combo. Duck boots are fashionable and practical: they will keep your feet dry while providing a stylish, slightly vintage-inspired look.

For your next holiday in the sun...

  1. Sandals
Women's Sandals

A sturdy pair of sandals like the Eddie Bauer Women's Sandals Sutton or the Khombu Women's Sandals Crystal is essential for any summer wardrobe. These sandals not only look good but are also great for walking. Whether you're beach-bound or taking a hike, sandals provide the perfect combination of comfort and convenience that you need on your summer adventures. For men, classic flip-flop style sandals, like the Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Four Sandal or the Pacey Sandals, are ideal for sunny days at the beach or pool.

Slippers, sneakers, hiking boots, fall and winter boots, duck boots, and sandals are all must-haves in any shoe collection. Choose the right style for your needs, and you'll look great and feel even better! And, of course, with the 6 types of shoes, you will be prepared for any weather and any occasion.