The best men's sandals for hot summer days

Comfortable, breathable, and super stylish: that's what we look for in men's sandals. It's hot outside. Why would you want to wear your steamy boots right now? Sandals are simply the coolest footwear at the moment, even Seth Rogan and Justin Bieber have been spotted enjoying these airy fashion statements.

Sandals have been around since ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In those days, sandals were made with a variety of materials like papyrus, wood, and leather. Hot climates required a more open design to keep feet cool, which is still the case today. Some styles, such as Roman sandals, have prevailed!

Nowadays, men's sandals have much better, more durable soles that ensure you can conquer nearly any terrain while still looking chic. We love a pair of men's sandals that can take us from the beach to the boardwalk to dinner. Versatility is key!

Fashionable men's sandals come in a much wider range of styles, colors, and materials. You can find sandals made from rubber, plastic, suede, mesh, and even vegan-friendly materials.

Laid back summer sandals for men

But which men's sandals should you buy to get the stylish celeb look? Take a look at this list of our favorite men's sandals for summer.

The Classic Woodstock Sandals

Men's Sandals

These indoor and outdoor sandals for men have a fantastic vintage-rustic look. The leather slides are perfect for the beach or for men who want a more comfortable, low-key style. The soft cork sole supports your feet while the high-traction outsole prevents slipping on wet surfaces.

The Sleek Pacey Sandals


Pacey Sandal

Combine these men's sandals with your favorite shorts or slim-fit trousers for a stylish summer look. The Pacey sandals have a smooth leather upper with an easy slip-on style. The low profile keeps things cool, and the flexible outsole provides all-day comfort. What else could you ask for? The Pacey Sandals can be worn in a smart-casual office on a hot summer's day or for a night out on the town.

The Cool Men's Flip-Flops

Flip-flop for men

The Four sandals are available in dark brown, light brown, and black! But why should you choose the flip-flop/thong design? Flip-flops are a men's sandal staple for a reason: they're comfortable, casual, and go with everything. The wide strap keeps your foot securely in place, and the soft footbed provides cushioning. These men's sandals were also thought up by the Kenneth Cole Reaction brand and definitely don't disappoint. The rubber sole and the moulded footbed make them ultra-comfortable and the perfect men's sandal for summer. Pretty much everything goes with these men's sandals, so you can't go wrong.

thong sandals men

The Go-Four-th flip flops also come from Kenneth Cole and are men's sandals that will never go out of style. The durable rubber construction means they can take a beating, and the cushioned footbed provides hours of comfort.

There you've got it! With these sandals in your summer wardrobe, your feet will be thanking you all season long and, of course, you will be ready to enjoy the blistering heat!