How To Choose Hiking Boots

No matter the season, your hiking boots are perhaps the most important item of clothing and equipment that you will take with you on a hike. Yes, a good breathable jacket and perhaps some gaiters are important too, but if your feet are not comfortable, then your hike will be a miserable experience. That's why we have compiled this quick guide on how to choose hiking boots that fit well, feel comfortable, and make your hike a great adventure. When you first start looking for hiking boots, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many different styles, shapes, and designs that it is difficult to know where to start. The most important thing to remember is that not all hiking boots are created equal, and you need to find a boot that is right for your needs and feet.

Hiking Footwear Guide

1. Terrain

The first thing you need to consider when choosing hiking boots is the terrain you will be hiking on. If you are only going to be doing light hiking on easy trails, then you won't need a boot that is as burly as one you would need for backpacking or hiking in the mountains. The sole is the most important part of the boot when it comes to terrain. A more aggressive sole with deeper lugs is going to provide better traction; choose hiking boots such as the Khombu Men's Hiking Boots Jared for long, tough hikes. If you like a little more flexibility in your sole, choose a light hiking boot like the Eddie Bauer Women's Hiking Shoes Canyon.

Khombu Hiking Boots for men

2. Water resistant or waterproof?

This is an important consideration, especially if you are hiking in the rain or through snow. Water resistant hiking shoes and boots are perfect for those who don't plan on crossing any rivers or hiking in deep snow. They will keep your feet dry in light rain and help to prevent sweaty feet. Waterproof hiking boots like the Eddie Bauer Men's Hiking Boots Clyde Hill are a bit bulkier and heavier, but they will keep your feet dry in any conditions. Hiking sandals like the Women's Sandals Sutton are also an option. They are especially suitable for beach hikes, and yes, you can wade through the water in them. Their special drainage system will keep your feet comfortable. Plus, they will dry quicker! So, whether you choose water resistant or waterproof all depends on the conditions you will be hiking in.

Eddie Bauer Sutton Sandals

3. Boot height and ankle support

Another important consideration is the height of the boot. Ankle support is needed if you are hiking on very uneven terrain or carrying a heavy backpack. A higher boot will give you more support, but they can be hot and uncomfortable in the summer. Go for boots like the Lassen Hiking Boots for extra ankle support. Low hiking shoes like the Hiking Shoes Mainland are more comfortable in the summer but offer less support. It all depends on the terrain!

Mainland Hiking Shoes men

4. Season

Breathable boots, such as the Bruce Hiking Boots for men, are ideal for summer hikes in hot weather.They will keep your feet cool and dry. Some winter boots such as the Totes Women's Snow Boots Jami-To have a fantastic, warmer inner lining for snow days, however, you could also simply wear a pair of warm socks with your breathable boots to keep your feet cosy in winter. For all-season hiking, choose a waterproof and breathable boot like the stylish Eddie Bauer Women's Klamath Falls Hikers.

Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots for women

5. Comfortable

This is the most important consideration when choosing hiking boots. A good fit will prevent blisters and make your hike a lot more enjoyable. Don't buy your hiking boots too tight! Generally, your hiking boots or shoes will stretch and mould to your feet over time, but they shouldn't be too tight from the start. However, don't buy them too loose either as you most likely will get blisters. Comfy boots like the Khombu Men's Hiking Boots Windrip won't need much walking in before they feel great!

Khombu Men's Hiking Boots

6. Weight

Lightweight boots like the Nevados Men's Hiking Boots Vinny are the best! They perfect for day hikes and backpacking trips. You can even put them in your suitcase for your next hike abroad!

Lightweight Hiking Boots


7. Design

There are so many different designs! Choose a color and a style that you like. You will be wearing them a lot! However, remember that the fit and quality are more important than the style in this case. Hiking boots have a specific design that is created to provide you with the best possible support, traction, and comfort while hiking, so the style is not as important as the function and quality.

As you can see, there are a lot of considerations when choosing hiking boots. The most important thing is to find a boot that is comfortable and fit for the terrain you will be hiking on.

Happy Hiking!