A Brief History of Duck Boots

Duck boots are incredibly practical, especially in wet or snowy conditions. Instead of avoiding going for a walk in the rain or jumping into puddles, duck boots let you enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities without fear of getting your feet wet. They have never gone out of fashion, and nowadays there are more styles and designs to choose from than ever. So, let's delve into the history of duck boots and let's see how they became the footwear essential that they are today.

Where do duck boots come from?

The over 100-year old duck boots have kept the feet of many generations dry over the years. The original L.L. Bean duck boots started going into production in 1912. Leon Leonwood Bean always got his feet wet when working outside. He also noticed that most hunters wore leather boots that didn't protect against the wet weather, whilst farmers often wore rubber boots that were too hot and uncomfortable.

One day in 1911, Bean had enough of his wet feet and put together the so-called bean boot, or Maine Hunting Shoe. This boot combined the hunter's leather boots with the farmer's rubber boots: it had a rubber sole and a leather upper, which made it waterproof. Of course, the duck boots were an instant hit because of their versatility and functionality. Even Ernest Hemmingway was a huge fan of Bean's creation! The Bean Boot or Duck Boot, such as the Sporto Duck Boot Adalyn, is still incredibly popular today. They are simply perfect for long walks on rainy days!

Later, in the 1950s and thus just after the Second World War, others began to produce imitations. Some producers and designers gave their duck boots a glossy makeover, while others opted for crazy colors and patterns. In the 1970s, duck boots experienced a real surge in popularity due to their association with the preppy look.

Duck boots in other languages

Duck boots shouldn't be mixed up with wellies as they are a completely different type of footwear. Duck boots always have a leather or synthetic upper, which makes them perhaps more sophisticated than wellies. Duck boots enjoy a lot of popularity in the USA, where they are also known as duck shoes, ducklings, or rubber duckies. In the UK, wellies or Wellington boots are a lot more popular. Wellies got their name from the British Duke of Wellington, who was famous for wearing these kinds of boots. In France, duck boots are known as bottes de pluie (rain boots), and in Germany they are called Gummistiefel (rubber boots). Duck boots are also becoming more and more popular in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Duck Boots for Fall

The stylish design and their practicality make duck boots the perfect footwear for fall. Your feet will be toasty warm and protected from the elements. You don't have to avoid puddles or wet autumn leaves anymore, as duck boots feature a sturdy rubber sole that prevents slipping. Let's take a closer look at some of the designs and styles.


Khombu's Duck Boots Lola

If you are looking for duck boots that are both stylish and practical, then you should definitely check out Khombu's Lola duck boots. Their thermolite insole, faux-fur lining, and leather upper make them ideal for fall. Another bonus is that they are waterproof and have a rubber traction outsole, which prevents slipping.

Khombu Duck Boots Lola

Khombu's Sweater Boots Irene

The Irene Boots even look cosy! The suede and sweater uppers make them perfect for chilly fall days. The boa lined insulation and waterproof rubber sole are sure to keep your feet both warm and dry.

Khombu Duck Boots Irene

Totes Duck Boots Tommy

The Duck Boots Tommy have a fantastic traction rubber outsole and a padded collar. You can wear them with cosy socks for extra warmth in cold weather.

Tommy Totes Brown

Sporto Duck Boots Delmar

The Delmar Duck Boots feature a classic duck boot design that goes with every winter outfit. The collar can be worn up or down, and the duck boots have a waterproof rubber outsole. You can even tuck your pants into the Delmar Boots for extra warmth. Simply adjust the laces and you are all set for a winter walk!

Delmar Duck Boots

Sporto Duck Boots Attina

Sporto's Attina Duck Boots are extremely lightweight and have a rubber traction outsole to prevent slipping. These duck boots feature a leather upper with a water-resistant finish. 

Attina Duck Boots

Khombu All-Weather Boots Paul

Same idea, different style! The Paul boots have a zippered closure for easy on and off. The duck boots feature a water-resistant textile upper with a rubber traction outsole.

Paul Duck Boots

Khombu's Women Boots Kathleen

The Kathleen Duck Boots are not only functional but also especially stylish. The lace-up design, durable rubber sole, and a trendy sweater collar give these duck boots a unique look.

Kathleen Duck Boots

Our duck boots are a fall and winter must-have! They will keep your feet warm and dry all season long, no matter what weather you're facing.