5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Fall Shoes

Fall has certainly arrived in most parts of the country and with it comes rain, snow and wind. Choosing the perfect pair of fall shoes isn't an easy task, especially if you would like to wear them in winter too! You have to consider different options such as the style you would like to go for, whether you prefer leather or synthetic boots and what color you would like. Shoe trends are always changing and developing, however there are certain styles that will never go out of fashion. To make finding the right pair easier, we will give you 5 tips on how to choose the perfect fall shoes. The different example of shoes and boots are certain to give you some shopping inspiration. So, let's get started!

The Perfect Fall Shoes 

1. Warmth is everything

When you are choosing your next shoes for fall and winter, there is one particular thing that is especially important: Warmth. You need a pair of boots or shoes that a certain to keep your feet warm and dry, even if you are trudging through snow. Look for styles that have insulation or faux-fur linings and a cushioned insole. Let's take a look at the warm Totes Women's Cold Weather Boots Nicole, for example. They make any fall or winter day seem brighter with their lovely snowflake design. And how about the super comfy Khombu Women's Jessica Ankle Boots?  Their faux fur insulation is sure to keep your feet toasty and cosy.

Nicole Black Cold Weather Boots

2. But what's the occasion?

You have found a couple of warm boot and shoe options, but now it's time to narrow down your choices even further by considering the occasion. Will you be wearing your shoes for work, for weekends or for special occasions? Do you like adventures in the wild? Well, then a pair of Hiking Boots such as Khombu's Jared, will be the perfect choice. Duck boots like a pair of stylish Khombu Reagan are also a fantastic option. Sometimes it's better to have more than one pair of fall shoes or boots. So, we suggest that you should consider buying a pair for every specific occasion!

Khombu Jared Hiking Boots

3.The color of fall

When it comes to fall colors, earth tones and black are always a good idea. To make it simple, black, grey, brown and beige are the most popular fall shoe colors. And it makes sense as these colors go well with everything, from your favorite jeans to a flowy dress. Plus, they don't stand out too much! With fall-toned cute duck boots like Sporto's Attina and Kenneth Cole's Unlisted Men's Captain Boots, you are sure to make a fashion statement without being too flashy. You can be a bit more exciting with your choice of color by choosing brighter earthy tones like the Weatherproof Women's Boots Miranda. This leads us to the next point.

Women's Boots for Fall

4. The material of your fall shoes

Leather, synthetic uppers, rubber... there are so many different materials to choose from when it comes to your fall shoes. And again, the best material for you will depend on what you are looking for. Rain boots like Sporto's Bethany are made of high-quality rubber and are sure to keep your feet dry even on stormy days. Faux leather shoes like Kenneth Coles Peyton are durable and extremely fashionable. But don't get us wrong! Leather is also a great, breathable material that makes sure that your feet don't overheat on a sunny fall's day. Dress shoes with a sturdy sole, just like the Clyde Flax Lace Up, are a fantastic option that can be dressed up or down.

Rain Boots Bethany

5. Don't fall over in fall

The outer sole of your shoes is important, especially in fall when the weather can be unpredictable. Most fall boots and shoes have a lug sole which is perfect for walking on uneven or slippery surfaces. Look for soles that are slip-resistant and have good traction as you certainly will be walking on slippery surfaces. Boots like Totes Esther or Totes All-Weather Boots Tommy Brown, have a rubber outsole that is perfect for wet and icy weather conditions. 

Totes Tommy Men's Duck Boots

Lastly, a question that is often asked:

Are Sneakers an option?

The answer is, of course! Go and get yourself a pair of trendy Tretorn Nylites. You can totally wear sneakers in the fall. Just make sure to choose a pair that is made from water-resistant materials like leather.

We hope that this article has helped you figure out what the best fall shoes and boots are for you!