4 Shoes That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Are you looking for some shoe style inspiration? Perhaps you are always following new trends, but somehow you have the feeling that you never really know what shoes will be fashionable in the long term? Your shoe cupboard is full of nice shoes, but most of them are not in style at the moment? First, don't be tempted to throw away all of your shoes just because they are not currently on trend. As you know, fashion trends change quickly; who knows, maybe your gladiator sandals will be back in style next season?

A fantastic fashion investment are timeless shoes you can wear regardless of what’s hot and what’s not. If you would like to build up a shoe wardrobe that will last for seasons to come, then you should get the following...

4 Timeless Shoes

1. Sneakers

The ever-so-versatile sneakers have experienced an awesome comeback and are now more popular than ever. Of course, sneakers have never been really out of style since the 1950s when they were first introduced as casual shoes. You wonder why they are such a closet staple? That's because they go with absolutely everything! Match them with your jeans, chinos, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Anything goes! And they are super comfy, too. What's even better is that there are so many sneaker designs to choose from. For a classic, timeless style, we recommend simple colours that suit any outfit. Let's look at the Tretorn Center Court for women, for example. The white leather, so-called tennis shoes, are incredibly versatile. There is literally nothing you couldn't wear them with.

Tretorn Sneaker


And how about the classic brown Unlisted Stand C Sneaker for men? These vegan sneakers are sure to get you compliments. Sneakers have an awesome vintage feel to them and they can make any outfit look stylish and cool.

2. Loafers

Whether you are a woman or a man, loafers are always, always a great choice. The flat heel, no-lace, slip-on design can be worn with anything, plus loafers are perfect for dressing up or down. Match them with your favourite suit or dress and combine them with your jeans. There are no limits! You will always look smart-casual with a nice pair of loafers, such as these men's Brock Slip-On Loafers. What's there that is not to like? Or perhaps go for a canvas sneaker-loafer like the Arlo Slip-On

Loafer shoes brown

3. Boots

When we think of boots, ankle boots and winter boots probably come to mind first. There are so many different types of boots to choose from! Classic styles such as the gorgeous, deep-brown Kenneth Cole Peyton Chelsea Boots for men are a fantastic choice. As we mentioned in the other sections before, timeless shoes and boots go with everything, and that is also the case with these stylish boots. Well, almost everything. Perhaps shorts should be avoided. Likewise, the rubber, water-proof A-Laraline Chelsea Boots with a faux fur interior are a fashionable and stylish option that will keep you warm in many years to come. Leather & rubber boots are the ideal shoe-investment for fall and winter!

Timeless women's Chelsea boots

4. Dress Shoes

These shoes are perfect for any season and any occasion. You can't go wrong with them! Dress shoes come in many different shapes and designs. The more timeless, the better. A great choice are shoes with a simple, black leather exterior, such as the Ticketpod Lace-Up dress shoes. Fair enough, you can't match them with your denim shorts, but they go with pretty much everything else. You can wear them to work, to a wedding, on a date... Brown dress shoes like the Tully Lace-Ups also go with a pair of jeans to create a stylish, smart-casual look. Dress shoes are an awesome shoe wardrobe investment, especially if you go for a high-quality dress shoes with a leather interior and exterior. They will last you for years to come!

Brown dress shoes

Add sneakers, loafers, boots, and dress shoes to your wardrobe and you will always look stylish, no matter what's in fashion. Just remember that classic colours like white, brown and black are best as you can match them with any outfit.