4 Boot Styles Every Man Should Know

We live in a time and age when there is a large variety of boot styles for men to choose from. Yes, you are right. There are almost too many! From traditional to modern, boots can be worn to create your own unique look and style; there are certainly some boot designs that will never ever go out of fashion! That's why we have compiled a list of 4 boot styles every man should know.

Men's Boots

Classic and Timeless Staples for Every Man’s Wardrobe

1. All-purpose & comfortable: Men's Plain Toe Boots

Men's Plain Toe Boots are the absolute perfect all-around boot. They can be worn with dress shirts or T-shirts and jeans, and they always look great; some Plain Toe Boots can even be worn to work! Let's take a closer look at the Nevados Men's Work Boots Fieldzone, for example. You can wear them at weekends or to outdoorsy events such as hiking, camping, and fishing, or even to work. With their sturdy and comfortable design, they are an investment that will last you for a long time! The Nevados Cross Street in trendy brown are also a versatile option! These all-purpose boots have a round steel toe that will protect your feet no matter what kind of activity you are doing. Plain-toed boots for men, as you can see, are an essential, every-day boot style that supports your feet while still looking cool.

Plain Toe Boots

2. Super stylish & super comfy: Men's Chelsea Boots

Men's Chelsea Boots feature a classic British design that has been around for over 100 years; they are still super popular and thus an absolute must-have when it comes to boots. Chelsea boots are the perfect shoes to wear in winter, as they keep your feet warm and dry; their iconic elastic sides make them easy to put on and take off. The beautiful, deep, dark brown Men's Chelsea Boots Peyton by popular designer Kenneth Cole are incredibly versatile and stylish. Wear them with blue jeans, a leather jacket, or layer up with a coat in winter. They are ideal for any smart-casual or smart occasion!

Men's Chelsea Boots

3. For every adventurer: Men's Hiking Boots

Even if you don't go hiking every weekend, you should own a pair of Hiking Boots! They are incredibly durable and provide great support, grip, and protection for your feet. If you often go for a walk or enjoy spending time outdoors, a quality pair of hiking boots is a must. Eddie Bauer is a well-known name in the hiking boot world; their Men's Hiking Boots Lincoln Bungee Cord have one of those fantastic, timeless designs that go with everything. They're also extremely comfortable! Their slip-resistant traction outsole, ankle-high design, and lace-up style make them the ideal choice for your next outdoor adventure!

Eddie Bauer Men's Hiking Boots

The Chocolate Brown Clyde Hill Boots by Eddie Bauer, are another waterproof and durable option with a stylish look. Do you prefer hiking boots in grey or black? Kohmbu has got you covered! For example, take a closer look at the Khombu Men's Hiking Boots Atwood with forged iron-coloured uppers. Made of leather, nylon, and rubber, these super lightweight men's hikers are the ideal companion for any outdoorsy adventure. Hiking boots are definitely one of those must-have boots styles that every man should own!

Chocolate Brown Clyde Hill Hiking Boots

4. Rain and Snow can't harm you: Men's Duck Boots

A much less-mentioned boot is the classic Duck Boot. Usually, they are made from rubber and/or leather and, thus, feature a water-resistant or even waterproof design, making them great for wet days or activities in the snow. Especially if you live in rainy or snowy areas, you should consider investing in a pair of duck boots. The Totes Men's Snow Boots Tornado Brown, for example, are the ideal pick for snowy winters and rainy falls. With their thermal insulation and a sturdy rubber sole, you will be ready for any type of weather. They also have a unique design with their front zipper construction, which makes it especially easy to put them on. If you prefer a lace-up design, then the Totes Men's Duck Boots Mike-To in brown could be the perfect choice for you. They are super comfortable, fully waterproof, and feature an adjustable lace-up system. Duck boots are a great choice for cold and wet weather, so make sure to get your own pair of waterproof men's duck boots!

Totes Tornado Duck Boot for men

We think that these are the four essential boot styles for every man. Whether you want to look stylish, stay comfy, or protect your feet in wet and cold weather, there is a perfect pair of boots for every occasion. Our top picks are sure to make your feet happy, no matter what the seasons bring! So go ahead and update that boot collection and never be without a pair of suitable boots!