Children's Sneakers

Versatile Children’s Sneakers

One of the best types of shoes for children are sneakers! Although sneakers were originally designed for sports, they are now commonly worn as casual footwear all day long. Whether you call them kids’ trainers or sneakers, they are a fantastic investment. Every child needs a trendy pair of sneakers! They can wear them at school, sports events, or playtime: as long as your child’s new pair of sneakers are lightweight, fit well, and are supportive, you can’t go wrong.

Children’s Sneakers vs. Children’s Trainers

Are sneakers and trainers the same thing? Pretty much, depending on who you ask. Both sneakers and trainers are perfect for any sporty activity. Both types of footwear also make super comfortable everyday shoes! Every child that loves running around in the garden or playing on the playground will appreciate a good pair of sneakers. The better the sneakers, the higher you can jump, right?

Sneakers became a real big thing in the 1950s; American high school kids simply loved this type of comfortable, versatile footwear. Sneakers and trainers were already popular before that, but more so as sports shoes. Then, in the 1980s, pretty much everybody owned a pair of sneakers. Perhaps you even had a pair of light-up sneakers?

Different materials

There are many different materials that children’s sneakers are made of. Usually, the upper part is leather or canvas; both are breathable materials. This means that moisture inside the shoe can be transported outside by the material; your children’s feet will stay dry, even after running around in the garden. Of course, the shoe's breathability also depends on the insole; highly absorbent fabrics such as cotton are best! They will effectively transport moisture to the upper part. Plus, insoles made of cotton or leather are also very comfortable. Another factor to consider is whether the children’s sneakers are water-resistant. Canvas shoes such as Tretorn Kids Leopard Sneakers are perfect for summer activities, whilst leather sneakers are more suitable for rainy days. Children’s sneakers have to be sturdy, and the outer sole has to provide traction and cushioning. This will ensure enough flexibility whilst running or walking. So, before you buy your child their next pair, think about the purpose of the new shoes, the season and weather conditions, as well as the materials the kids’ trainers are made of.

Depending on their age, kids can use shoelaces, zips, or rip-tapes. For example, some kids like sneakers with rip-tapes, as one can take them off and put them on more easily. Sometimes shoelaces are more suitable. It all just depends on their personal preferences!

Trendy Sneakers for Kids

In terms of fashion, children’s sneakers are very versatile. You can find all sorts of designs, colors, and shapes. They usually have fun prints or cool symbols on them too. Of course, children love shoes in their favourite color. The possibilities are endless when it comes to trendy children’s sneakers; you just have to browse our amazing range. At Brilliant Shops, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality children’s sneakers at the most reasonable prices. We've got kids' shoes for all seasons, activities, and occasions!

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